Refresh Your Outdoor Space

Schedule your deck sealing or restoration service in Lubbock & Levelland, TX

Has your fence or deck started to fade and look worse from wear? Our wood preservation process helps resist water staining and makes your deck or fence water resistant. West TX Coatings in Lubbock, TX offers fence and deck sealing/restoration services. Our professionals will make your old fence or deck look like new again. We'll stain/seal your wooden features to remove watermarks and make your feature look like new.

Reach out to us now if you're interested in our deck or fence sealing services.

Our finishing process

Our Wood Preservation process begins with Rinsing the surface, removing dirt and debris ensuring proper stain penetration into the wood fibers.
We offer two types of cleaning preparation:

  • If you have a NEW fence or deck and you like the wear your older fence has, then we will simply lightly rinse it before staining/sealing it.
  • If you have bad water marks, or want to RESTORE your fence of deck we can do a deep cleaning that will remove the gray, decayed wood fibers before staining/sealing it.
  • Once your fence or deck is clean and dry, we will mask off all areas where it comes in contact with your house/brick/concrete and begin applying the stain/sealer.
Once the project is complete we will clean all metal posts and gate hardware/hinges and remove all masking. Connect with us now for fence or deck sealing/restoration services today!

Explore the benefits of our fence sealing and deck restoration services

You don't have to search far and wide for fence sealing services or deck restoration services in the Lubbock, TX area. Look no further than West TX Coatings & Painting. We'll remove watermarks and refresh the look of your deck and fence with ease. Some benefits of sealing your fence and deck include:

  • Protection from moisture and cracks
  • Protection against rotting
  • Protection against the elements
You can count on us to make your deck and fence look like new. Reach out to us now to learn more about our fence sealing services and deck restoration services. We'll be happy to answer your questions.

Preserve your wood for long-lasting beauty

Does your fence no longer look as beautiful as it used to? Did you recently add a new deck to your home? West TX Coatings offers deck and fence sealing services to help you maintain the beauty of your outdoor wood features. We have experience providing fence and deck restoration services for various quality wood types, such as:

  • Douglas fir
  • Redwood
  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Teak
You'll love how beautiful your outdoor space looks after the fence and deck restoration process is complete. Call 806-778-1593 to learn more about deck and fence sealing in Lubbock and Levelland, TX.